Pricing and Plans

At TapHero, we believe in transparent and straightforward pricing that benefits both service providers and their customers. Our pricing structure is designed to be simple and affordable, ensuring that you can maximize the value of our platform. Here's what our pricing plans entail

Paid Engagements

For paid consulting or more in-depth engagements, TapHero operates on a transparent commission-based model. We charge a competitive 10% commission on the total amount earned from paid engagements facilitated through our platform.

With our affordable monthly subscription, service providers can benefit from our robust features, including expanded customer reach, enhanced service delivery, and the ability to monetize their expertise. Our free call option ensures that you can build customer relationships and provide immediate support. And when it comes to paid engagements, our commission structure ensures a fair and mutually beneficial partnership.

TapHero empowers service providers to thrive in the digital era, efficiently connecting with customers, reducing costs, and offering exceptional value. Join us today and unlock a world of opportunities with our transparent and affordable pricing plans.